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Nobody could be that clever .

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Put the hat on!

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Anonymous: omg that anon freaked me out right now. what if someone like that person who clearly does not give a fuck about you (sorry) wins instead of someone who respects you and is totally fine with extending the giveaway ? i mean wouldn't that be unfair

I know they clearly don’t!! Hella rude, sigh who knows hopefully somebody with a kind soul will win the goodies 

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Anonymous: hmm about the giveaway, can u like send things to another countries? /;

Yeah I can. I have given everybody who has entered a number so I will put it in a random number generator so it depends who it lands on and where they live :-)

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Anonymous: whats the point in extending you're giveaway? it's not like it's hard to announce a winner?

Are you serious?? I have so much stuff coming up these next few weeks and I’m stressed and I’d rather extend it so I am not keeping people waiting because I know I won’t have the time to do it.

The point in extending it is for myself, which you clearly don’t care about as you would have maybe bothered to ask me why. I’m doing this giveaway as a thank you to my followers for helping me reaching my target but messages like this make it clear that you are only following me of the giveaway.

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